Fruit processing at the highest level

Over 800 fruit growers and organic farmers supply us with fresh, sun-ripened fruit from selected growing areas in South Tyrol and northern Italy. Modern technology and well-trained workers then transform the raw ingredients into a high-quality end product that meets the most exacting requirements of our international customer base. Not for nothing is Fructus Meran among the leading European manufacturers of stewed apples, stewed pears and frozen fruit.

Custom fruit quality, fresh from the orchard

Stewed apples, stewed pears, frozen fruit, fresh sliced fruit, fruit purées: Fructus’ high quality fruit products are made to our customers’ desired quality specifications and reach them by the shortest route, where they are used to produce baked goods, gourmet salads, fruit preparations and baby food.

Individual packaging solutions

Flexibility and a close relationship with our customers are important to us. For this reason we always supply our high-quality fruit products made according to your specifications and offer customised, individual packaging solutions.

Freshly harvested fruit, reliably produced

With modern technologies such as lasers, metal detectors, camera sorting and x-ray inspection, here at Fructus we ensure that our high-quality, locally grown fruit reaches the customer in perfect condition and within a very short period of time. Reliable delivery capability, customised packaging options and efficient customer-service make us a reliable partner.


Quality begins in the orchard

For many decades renowned industrial companies from the fruit preparation sector, juice producers and industrial bakeries as well as manufacturers of baby food have relied on the quality of our products. I am proud to champion it every day.

Kurt Ladurner

Production Shift Supervisor

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