Quality and freshness at first hand

Every year at harvest time, over 40,000 tonnes of freshly harvested apples, pears, berries and stone fruits are offered for auction at our market. Around 600 producers from all over South Tyrol ensure a wide range of top-class produce of different varieties and sizes. Quality is the most important criterion. Only apples and pears of the very highest grade are offered. In addition, the fruit comes from integrated cultivation geared towards protecting the environment and health.

As one of three local fruit auctioneers, we present ourselves together under 

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Apples  to August September October November
Golden Del. 900                      
Morgenduft 240                          
Gala 6000                      
Red Delicious 720                      
Granny Smith 1400                            
Jonagold 200                      
Red Chief 1700                      
Winesap 540                          
Braeburn 2100                          
Morgenduft Dallago 720                          
Idared 20                          
Fuji 3400                          


Soft fruit to May June July August September
Strawberry 200      
Cherry 70                          
Raspberry 40                
Currant 2                      



Our current offer

Find out about our interesting offers yourself; we have nothing to fear from price comparisons.

Quality-tested range

The SELECT quality brand guarantees the elevated quality of our apple range. Optimum ripeness, variety-typical colouring and a minimum size of 70 mm are required. Growing, hygiene and plant protection are all subject to strict controls that guarantee the quality and safety of the goods from cultivation to sale.

Our family has worked with Egma and Fructus for decades. It is good to have a trustworthy partner by our side.

Josef Mair
Farmer from Nals


Markus Tscholl

Auction Manager


Tel +39 0471 676530

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Joachim Schmuhl

Customer Service and Growing Advice


Tel +39 0471 676539

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Marta Lubinska

Customer Administration


Tel +39 0471 676535

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Klara Gapp

Supplier Administration


Tel +39 0471 676512

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Sabine Theiner

Human Resources


Tel +39 0471 676540

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Egma Vilpian Fruit Auction


Tel +39 0471 676512

Fax +39 0471 678350

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