Freshness that arrives safely, 12 months a year

Around 20,000 tonnes of fruit pass through our modern sorting and packaging plant every year. As a specialised fruit sector packaging plant, we guarantee that the fruit is properly sorted and individually packaged before being offered for sale both at home and abroad as high-quality dessert fruit. Modern controlled atmosphere refrigerated warehouses slow down the ripening process of the fruit and thus ensure that the goods are available all year round.

Guaranteed quality from the tree to the packaged product

Gentle processing methods geared towards sustainability, transparent processes from the field to the packaging plant and advanced technology are the foundations on which our understanding of quality has been based - for three generations. Alongside strict controls, laboratory tests and sensory inspections along the entire processing chain, certified quality assurance systems guarantee the uncompromising quality of our fruit products.


Individual packaging solutions

Quality begins in the orchard This is why we supply our fruit in the packaging that you request: in pouches, nets, bags in boxes, including with individual brand names if desired. Talk to us - we will find the perfect solution for you.

Apple & pear varieties

If you invest all of your passion into farming 365 days a year it is good to know that the fruit, which you have cared for from the flower bud onwards, is in the very best of hands.” Fructus/Egma Fruit Sales is not only a buyer, but also a strong partner for our farm.

Hans Peter Holzner



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Production Manager

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